Lost & Stolen Property

The Waite Park Police Department takes in found property and also recovers stolen property through investigations and search warrants. Many times we are unable to return the stolen property to the rightful owner because we have no way of determining who the owner is. 

There are a lot of reports where the property owner does not know the serial number of the property that was taken. When the police are given a serial number the chances of getting your property back increases greatly. 

How it works

You report your property stolen (gaming system, TV, generator, electric tools, bike, etc).
The information you provide about the missing item is described in the police report.
If a serial number is provided, the property is also put into a nation wide database.
If police do not have a serial number they are unable to add the stolen item to the database.

If police in another jurisdiction or state come across property they believe to be stolen, they run the serial numbers in the database. If there is a match, the officer will contact the police department who entered the item as stolen and you will be able to get your property back.  

If an officer recovers property they believe to be stolen and the owner is unknown, the items are kept in the property room and eventually disposed of. If the officer is not able to prove the property is stolen, the property may have to be returned to the suspect. 


The best way to provide a serial number when necessary, is to record the information when you purchase the product. The information then needs to be kept in a place where you will be able to recover it when needed. This information may also come in handy in case of a fire or insurance claim. 

There are a few ways you can record the information. 

  • There's an app for that! There are many apps that allow you to record videos, store photos, serial numbers, model numbers and a description of your property.
  • Create a spreadsheet.
  • Write the serial number on the manual. You can also attach the receipt to the manual.  
  • Check your receipt. Some businesses will print the serial number on your receipt. 
  • Record the information using the serial number form below. 

Serial Number Barcode