Identity Theft

Identity theft affects many people every day. It can happen to you if you lose your purse, drop your wallet, shop online, write out a check, or mail a birthday card. There is no way to completely protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft., but there are ways to help protect yourself or catch it early. 


Mail your bills and letters in a blue post office box or bring it to the post office. 
Do not leave mail in your mailbox at your home. 
Pick up your mail everyday.
Shred junk mail and credit card offers. 
Watch for mail that shows up with your address, but someone else's name, even if it only happens once. 
Report any packages that show they were delivered to your home, but did not show up.
Ship packages to your work or have a trusted neighbor pick up a package that was delivered to your home.  
Immediately report anyone who appears to be checking mail boxes or if you suspect your mail has been gone through. 

Credit Cards, banks & Loans

Check your credit card and bank statements monthly. 
Question any unauthorized charge immediately. 
Cancel unused credit cards. Do not just shred them. 
Question any new credit cards you did not request. 
Keep your PIN number in a safe place
Use a secure password. 

Shopping & Dining

Use secure and trusted websites when shopping online.  
Keep your purse or wallet close to you at all times. 
Only carry credit cards you will be using that day. 
Request to pay at the server stand instead of allowing the server to take your card.