Request for Police Records

Copies of police reports can be requested from the police department by completing the form below. The request form needs to be turned into the police department during business hours along with a deposit, in order to begin your request. Once your records request is received, the police department has up to 10 business days to fulfill the request. 

Deposits required for records requests

1 report - $10 deposit
2+ reports - $25 deposit

Deposits can be paid by cash or check. Fees for reports are $0.25 per page. This fee will be subtracted from your deposit. The remaining balance will be returned to you when you pick up the report. 

Release of Information Guidelines

Not all information is public. Some data is considered private or confidential.
Copies of police reports will most likely have some information redacted.  
Information on active cases will not be released. If a case has been forwarded to the attorney’s office, the records request must be submitted to their office. 

For more information on data privacy, review MN State Statute 13.82.