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 19 13th Avenue North
 Waite Park, MN 56387

Upper Conference Room at Waite Park City Hall

Monday, August 7th, 2023 at 4:30 PM

Lower Level Conference Room


Review of Cannabis Use in Public Spaces

With the recent legalization of cannabis use in Minnesota, many cities are considering the impacts of cannabis use in public spaces.  Attached is a memo that summarizes Attorney Paul Storm's review of the law and also a proposed ordinance that the City Council could consider if they choose.  In addition, Stearns County is also considering an Ordinance that addresses cannabis use in public spaces that would include the entire county.  The County will be considering this on Tuesday, August 8th Board meeting.  Their proposed Ordinance will address some of this on our behalf and the proposed County ordinance is included for your review. 

Staff would like to discuss with the Council on whether or not they are interested in considering a city ordinance or whether they feel the county's ordinance address any potential concerns related to cannabis use in public spaces.  


Consideration of a Moratorium on Selling of Cannabis

There are several cities in the area considering moratoriums on the selling of cannabis within their communities to ensure adequate time to consider the  licensing of cannabis within a community.  While the State's licensing process for cannabis is not anticipated to be in place for about a year, some cities want to ensure they have adequate time to review the impacts of this in their communities.  Staff would like to discuss with the Council whether or not their is a desire to consider a similar moratorium.


Review of Babe Ruth Concession Stand Request

Staff would like to discuss the remaining Park projects and the new proposal for a small concession building at Rivers Edge Park in between Kwik Trip Fields, in order to get some direction from the Council


Consideration of a Drone Ordinance

Attached is a copy of a proposed Drone Ordinance that staff would like to discuss with the city council.  The ordinance was drafted to address some of the concerns brought forward by performers at The Ledge.  There are no ordinances in place that prohibit this from occurring by members of the public so the ordinance being proposed will address these concerns.


Review of Pay Plan Implementation

Baker Tilly was present at a work session in July to discuss the proposed pay plan with the City Council.  As part of this process, we discussed that employee's would have the ability to request a review of their job description as part of an appeal process.  We have had seven job description reviews that are in the process of being completed by Sarah Towne of Baker Tilly.  Ms. Towne would like to discuss her recommendations on these appeals with the Council and would also like to give the City Council an opportunity to answer any other questions on the pay plan or its implementation.  The city council will have the opportunity to consider implementing the pay plan at the council meeting this evening as well and Ms. Towne will be a part of that meeting as well to provide an overview on the process and discuss what would  need to be considered by the council moving forward.


Planning & Community Development Update

Jon Noerenberg, Planning and Community Development Director will provide the City Council with an update on activities involving the Planning, Building, and Community Development.