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 19 13th Avenue North
 Waite Park, MN 56387

Lower Conference Room at Waite Park City Hall

Monday, July 17th at 5:30 PM


Emergency Management Proposal for Services

Erin (Tufte) Hughes, the Stearns County EMS Director, will be present to discuss the proposed Emergency Management Proposal for services that would be in effect for 2024.  The City Council discussed the idea of having Stearns County manage the emergency management needs for the city several months ago.  Staff has since been working with Stearns County on how this would work.  Stearns County already provides a portion of the emergency management services for the city as it relates to keeping our emergency management plan up to date and working with our staff on training.  A plan has been drafted that would include all aspects of emergency management and a copy of the draft Joint Powers Agreement, as well as a summary of the services that would be provided have been included for your review.  Ms. Hughes will be present to review this plan with the City Council and answer any questions regarding the proposal.  If the Council is comfortable with the proposal, the Joint Powers Agreement would be considered at the August 7 City Council meeting.  This will provide time for the City and the County to address the budget implications with this proposal.  


Admin Update

Staff would like to continue to update the City Council on things going on within each of our departments.  In June, the Public Works Department provided an update to City Council and this month, Administration would like to provide the City Council with an update of things that the department has been working on.  Things that will be included in this update include the following:

*Strategic Plan and Next Steps

*Sales Tax Legislation and Public Safety

*2024 CGMC Summer Conference Plan

*Employee Stay Interviews

*BNSF Restrictive Covenants

*Fire Study