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 19 13th Avenue North
 Waite Park, MN 56387

Lower-Level Conference Room at Waite Park City Hall

Monday, May 15th at 5 PM


Review of ROW Ordinance Amendments

The right-of-way ordinance has not been updated for several years. The ordinance outlines the requirements for a number of utilities to complete work in the right-of-way.  Many companies, not all, also have franchise agreements with the city but given changes being discussed at the Legislature, more will likely be able to use our right-of-way without a franchise agreement.  As a result of this, it is important that we update our ordinance to ensure that the best practices for protecting the right-of-way are outlined in the ordinance for these companies to follow.  When it comes to these types of requirements, we have worked with Brian Grogan with Moss and Barnett.   Included for your review are the proposed changes being recommended.  Brian Grogan will also be a part of our meeting to provide an overview of the proposed changes and to answer any questions.  


Sand Companies

Sand Companies will be present to provide the City Council with an update to their proposed ideas for development along 10th Avenue South.  Information will be provided at the meeting.


2023 CIP Projects

Staff would like to discuss with the Council the proposed street projects planned for 2023.  Information will be presented at the meeting.


All State Communications Security Proposal

Staff presented previously to the City Council a plan from All State Communication that included upgrading several components of our security system.  AS a part of this discussion, there was some additional follow up that need to be considered related to cloud based options for servers.  Staff has spent some time looking at this option and would like to discuss this in further detail with the City Council.  Information related to this will be presented at the meeting.