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 19 13th Avenue North
 Waite Park, MN 56387

Monday, April 17, 2023
4:00 PM

Lower-Level Conference Room at Waite Park City Hall


Sand Company Proposal

Sand Companies has approached city staff with a housing development proposal.  Staff felt that this should be discussed with the Council before moving forward as it would require some potential financing on the city.  Representatives from Sand Companies will be present at the meeting to discuss this proposal in more detail.


Review of Water Study

Staff has worked with SEH to complete a water study.   The water study looked at the existing and future development needs of the city and the impacts this has on the current water resources available verses future resources that may be needed to address the development demands of the community.  This water study will also be used as a guide for the comprehensive planning process when looking at existing and future development opportunities.  A copy of the draft study has been included for your review.  Representatives from SEH will also be present to discuss this study in more detail with the city council.  


Review of Facility Needs Study

The city completed a Facility Needs Study with the assistance of SEH a few years ago to look at the overall needs of each department.  In addition, this study also focused on the needs of public safety and the best options to consider moving forward.  Now that the sales tax referendum has been approved, the city will be moving forward with constructing a public safety.  As part of this process, council had requested reviewing the information in the Facility Needs Study and to discuss the options that were considered at that time for the public safety facility and the impacts that each of these options has on the overall needs of the city.  Representatives from SEH will be present to discuss the study with the council in more detail.