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 19 13th Avenue North


Waite Park, MN 56387

City Council Agenda
Monday, April 17, 2023
6:00 P.M.

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Consider Board of Appeal & Equalization

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Appeal & Equalization of the City of Waite Park shall meet on April 17, 2023, at 6:00PM, at Waite Park City Hall, 19 13th Ave N, Waite Park, MN. The purpose of the meeting is to determine whether taxable property in the jurisdiction has been properly valued and classified by the assessor, and also determine whether corrections need to be made. 

If you believe the value or classification of your property is incorrect, please contact the Stearns County Assessor’s office to discuss your concerns. If you are still not satisfied with the valuation or classification after discussing it with your assessor, you may send your appeal to ADRIANNA.BRENNY@CI.WAITEPARK.MN.US  and you may appear before the local board of appeal and equalization. The board shall review the valuation, classification, or both if necessary, and shall correct it as needed. Generally, an appearance before your local board of appeal and equalization is required by law before an appeal can be taken to your county board of appeal and equalization. 


Parcel 98.60815.0050

As of 4/13/23 the City was informed that there was one inquiry with possible written appeal. Mark Rodenwald, PID 98.60815.0050.

In 2020 a similar appeal was presented. At that time council voted "no change" to the appeal. Rodenwald proceeded to appeal at the County Board Appeal, where the decision was also "no change". 

Attached are spreadsheets provided by the County that were also given to Mr. Rodenwald as to why his valuation is what it is. 

Please review the attached spreadsheets. Note that one sheet as multiple tabs to view.