Community Visioning Event

Waite Park Strategic Planning Poster - English

Thank you for your interest in this community visioning event!  The City of Waite Park finds itself at a pivotal crossroads with important questions to answer – What keeps people in our community, and in what ways can we use our land and resources in service of our community?  How do we tailor our community, our services, and our amenities to highly engage our residents and visitors, and attract people to live, play, work, and invest in our City? 

To answer these questions, we are inviting people from around our community to participate in a Future Search to create a vision for Waite Park in 2043 that effectively expresses our identity as "the community where Minnesota connects" (to live, play, work, and invest).  This includes:

  • Homeowners and Renters
  • The Small and Large business communities
  • The Non-Profit community
  • Educators and Youth
  • Realtors, Developers, and Builders

We are looking for people who are open-minded, invested in Waite Park, and interested in helping shape the future of the community.  We are also looking for a diverse representation of our community!  Because this is about creating a community vision, it will be focused on the big FUTURE picture (versus hashing through specific issues facing the community right now).

We want to hear from you!  We’ll want to know: what part(s) of the community do you belong to?  What makes you uniquely suited to participate?  Due to the limited space at the event, we are keeping participation to the above categories.

This event will be professionally facilitated.  The vision we create will be used by the City of Waite Park to craft a new strategic plan that reflects the collective values of our community members and will help inform the comprehensive plan for city improvements for decades to come.

To achieve community consensus, it is important you are there on all three days (April 19-21 - for a total of 16 hours of your time).  We appreciate the time commitment involved in such an important conversation, and our planning group is working with the City to remove barriers to participation.  We will provide meals during the meeting times, translators as needed, and childcare if necessary.  If there is another need you have in order to participate, we want to help!

We will also be following COVID safety procedures, as mandated by the City and State at the time of the event.  If it isn’t safe to meet in person, we’ll move this event online and get resources to everyone who needs them to participate.

Contact us at: 320-252-6822 or email us at if you are interested!

TUES, APR 19TH 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm 
WED, APR 20TH 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
THURS, APR 21ST 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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