Watersalesman-Tank Fill Station

The City of Waite Park has a self-serve water filling station for those wishing to fill a water tanker truck.  The watersalesman building is located at the Public Works Facility at 670 17th Avenue South.  It is a card reading system and the cards are available for purchase at city hall located at 19 13th Avenue North.  The prices below include the cost of the water plus sales tax.

Watersalesman Card  -  $5.00

60 Gallons  -  $1.00

300 Gallons  -  $5.00

600 Gallons  -  $10.00

1200 Gallons  -  $20.00

The cards are loaded with the dollar amount that you request and pay for.  There is no limit to the amount that can be purchased and added to the card, but keep in mind that refunds will not be issued for any amounts not used.

You must provide your own 2 1/2" standard fire hose.  Have the hose in your tank before making your selection on the watersalesman for the amount to dispense, since the water turns on immediately once your purchase amount is selected.  After you make your selection, it will display the balance that remains on the card.

Watersalesman Location
Watersalesman Card Reading System
Watersalesman Card Reader Display-Insert Card
Watersalesman Card Reader Display-Select Payment Amount
Watersalesman Card Reader Display-Balance Available