Voting Eligibility & Registration


To be eligible to vote, a person must be 18 years of age or older on the day of the election, a United States citizen, and have lived in Minnesota for 20 days.  


A person may not register if they have been convicted of treason or a felony and not had their civil rights restored, or if they are under “guardianship of the person” with an accompanying court order suspending their voting rights. 


If you are not a registered voter at this time, the following items may serve as your proof of residence: 
1.)    a valid MN driver’s license, MN learner’s permit or MN ID card that has their current name and address in that precinct
2.)    student ID or student fee statement with their name and address in the precinct
3.)    certified student list that shows students’ campus addresses, which can be used with a student photo identification card (Please note, at this time, area schools have not submitted such list)
4.)    prior registration in the precinct shown on the roster
5.)    notice of late registration sent by City Clerk or County Auditor
6.)    authorized Tribal ID
7.)    photo identification (MN Driver License or MN Identification with a former address, US passport, US military ID, MN Student photo ID, or tribal identification card) with a current utility bill (TV, electric, gas, phone, cell phone, credit card statement, bank statement, rent/mortgage payments, water, garbage, or sewer and due within 30 days of the election, and have the voter’s name and current address in the precinct you now live)
8.)    bringing someone with you to the polls that is already registered in the same precinct to vouch that you live in the precinct. The person vouching for a non-registered voter must sign an oath attesting to the new registrant’s residence in the precinct.  A person providing proper identification (without being vouched for) may register and vouch for another person on Election Day.