The Waite Park Police Department is available to process fingerprint requests. Your fingerprints will be captured digitally and printed onto a fingerprint card provided by you or on a card we supply (FD-258).The card will then be given to you. You are responsible for mailing the completed fingerprint card to the appropriate company or agency requesting the prints.

Fingerprints are taken digitally, but we are unable to submit the prints electronically. 

schedule an appointment

Call (320) 251-3281 (option 4) to schedule an appointment. 

Please call one week in advance of the desired appointment date. Appointments are scheduled based on staff availability. Fingerprinting appointments are available to anyone, regardless of what city you live in. 


$15 per person. We accept cash, check or credit card (subject to a service fee).

What to Bring

You will need a government issued photo ID. You may provide your own fingerprint card or use the cards we have available. Our fingerprint cards are the FD-258, blue applicant cards. An image of the card is below. 

FD 258 fingerprint card white background with blue printing