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Posted on: January 12, 2018

Prevention of Frozen Water/Sewer Service Lines


Are you worried about your water or sewer line freezing and are wondering what to do?  Here is what we recommend:

Monitor the temperature of your water with a thermometer that registers down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  Let your water run for about five minutes and then take the temperature of the water.  If the temperature falls below 35 degrees, you may want to run your water at one faucet at a 1/4" width (about the width of a pencil), as a preventative measure.  Instead of requiring you to call to notify us that you are running your water, we have decided to continue to use the winter consumption amount that was calculated last year during the months of Jan/Feb/Mar 2017.  This will prevent sewer charges (for residential properties only) for the water used to avoid a frozen water or sewer line.  If your consumption during Jan/Feb/Mar of the current year ends up being less than the same period last year, we will calculate your winter consumption amount based on the current year's consumption.

You will be charged for the cost of all the water that is consumed while running your water to prevent freezing pipes. We estimate an additional expense of approximately $2.00 per day, if you run the water at one faucet at a 1/4" width (about the width of a pencil).

If there was a known risk of you lines freezing and we specifically requested that you run your water, additional adjustments will be applied to your bill.

Please contact Margie Wolf in Utility Billing at (320) 229-3683 with any questions or concerns, or by email:

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