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19 13th Avenue North
Waite Park, MN 56387

Upper Conference Room at Waite Park City Hall

Tour AMP Site

City Council Members and city staff will meet at Public Works Facility located at 670 17th Avenue South Waite Park.  From there, they will walk to the adjacent Amphitheater site to look at the progress and discuss some of the railing options for the facility. Any interested members of the public that would like to attend are welcome.  Because this is a construction site, we ask that members of the public let Shaunna Johnson know ahead of time to ensure we have protective equipment available.  No one is allowed to enter the construction site without protective equipment.   All interested parties should park at the public works facility.  You can reach Shaunna Johnson at 320-252-6822 or if you would like to attend.  The City Council will be on site for approximately 1 hour and will then travel back to city hall to continue with their work session.

Review of Amphitheater Project Budget and East Concession/Restroom Facility

City staff would like to go over the project budget of work that has been completed to date and discuss other potential additional items for the project including the east concession/restroom facility and possible water features.

Review of Proposed Ordinance for Public Intoxication

The Police Chief would like the City to consider adding a new ordinance related to public intoxication.  He would like to discuss this with the City Council.  Enclosed is the public intoxication ordinance in place in St. Cloud to provide some more information about the what this type of ordinance would include.  

Review of City-owned Property

City Council has requested that city staff review what options the City has as it pertains to property that the City has no real purpose in keeping.  Staff, along with the City Attorney, has spent some time reviewing properties that might fit this description and have researched what options the City has to consider.  Staff would like to discuss this in more detail.

Other Business


Public Input

The City Council provides members of the public an opportunity to address the City Council with items they believe are relevant to the City of Waite Park.  Each member of the public will be allowed up to 2 minutes to speak.  City Council will not engage during this time and no action should be expected at this time.  The City Council can determine if further follow up, discussion, or action is needed on any item brought up by members of the public.  During the regular scheduled meeting that will follow the public input, the Mayor will summarize the items discussed during the public input and ask the City Council whether they desire to have any follow up on items discussed during the public input. The City Council could choose to place the item on a future work session or city council agenda, or they could direct staff to research or follow up on any item discussed.