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19 13th Avenue North
Waite Park, MN 56387

Lower Level Conference Room at Waite Park City Hall
4:00 PM
*Park Board and Amphitheater Committee invited to attend discussion


Work Session Agenda

    4:00-5:15 PM:     Amphitheater Design Update:  Oertel Architects will be present to discuss the proposed design of the amphitheater and update the Council and staff on their progress and next steps with the project.  The AMP Committee and the Park Board have also been invited to attend this meeting to hear the update.

    5:15-5:40 PM:    Industrial Zone Setbacks re:  Cell Towers:  Staff would like to discuss the setbacks required for cell towers in industrial zones and some of the concerns that have expressed by cell providers related to these setbacks.

    5:40-6:00 PM:  Rivers Edge Park Plan:  Staff has been working with Gordian which is a company that works with the Joint Powers Alliance, that provides cities with an alternative process of bidding projects.  As we continue to move forward with this concept, SEH would like to discuss the possibility of also considering traditional bids for this project as well the alternative Joint Powers Alliance process on the Rivers Edge Park project.  This would provide the City the opportunity to compare the cost estimates and determine the best one moving forward.  Staff and SEH would like to discuss the pros and cons of doing this with the Council and determine what is the best direction for the City moving forward with this project.  

    6:00-6:15 PM:  Update on PW Open House:  Staff would like to discuss briefly the plans moving forward with the upcoming Public Works Open House scheduled for April 19th from 3-6 PM.

    6:15-6:30 PM:  Other Business