Parks, Trails & Recreation

  1. Park System Plan

    Find information on our park system plan.

  2. Bartz Park

    Find information about Bartz Park.

  3. Community Park

    View our Community Park facility information.

  4. Community Park Pavilion

    Our community park pavilion is available to rent year round.

  5. Healthy Living Trail

    Waite Park area residents can now get a complete workout without having to go to the gym.

  6. Jagiello Park

    Find information on Jagiello Park.

  1. Lions Park

    Find information about Lions Park.

  2. Quarry Park & Nature Reserve

    Find information on Quarry Park and Nature Reserve.

  3. River's Edge Park

    Find information on our splash pad available at River's Edge Park.

  4. Rock Island Park

    Find information on the Rock Island Park.

  5. Willow Creek Park

    Willow Creek Park offers a paved walking path.