Yard Waste & Brush Drop Site


602 3rd Street South - behind Gander Mountain

Waite Park Residents Only

This service is for Waite Park residents only. Apartment tenants, businesses and residents who do not receive city provided refuse service are not entitled to this service.

New Guidelines

The City of Waite Park has implemented a locking gate system at the Yard Waste Site.  This eliminates the need for City staff to be present and it also expands the availability of the Yard Waste Site; therefore, making it more convenient for you.

Open 7 Days a Week

The annual opening and closing dates will be determined based on each year's weather conditions. We will post these dates on the City Website and on our local government TV channel 181. A sign located at the yard waste site will also display the opening date in the Spring and the closing date in the Fall.

Waste Site Will Be Locked at All Times 

The Yard Waste Site will be locked at all times. Residents will need to purchase a Yard Waste Permit. A key card will then be issued to each permit holder to allow them access to the Yard Waste Site. 

Locking Gate System

Before you enter the Yard Waste Site, you will need to hold your key card up to the scanner. The gate will then open to allow you access to the site and will close behind you. When you are ready to leave the site, simply drive up to the locked gate and a sensor will detect your approaching vehicle and will open to allow you to leave.

Security Measures

Security cameras have been installed to monitor the use of the facility and to verify that only registered vehicles are entering the site.  Pursuant to the City Ordinance 82, Public Health and Sanitation, illegal dumping is a misdemeanor.  Anyone in violation is subject to a penalty of $500.00.

Yard Waste Site Permit & Key Card information

The Yard Waste Site now has a locking gate system,  so anyone wishing to use it will need to purchase a Yard Waste Site Permit at City Hall, located at 19, 13th Ave N, Waite Park, MN.  The purchase price of each permit is $20.00.  Each household may purchase up to two permits.  One key card will be issued with each permit. This service is available to Waite Park single family residences only.  It is not open to apartment, businesses or residents who do not receive City refuse service.  You will be required to show a valid picture ID at the time of purchase so that we may verify your residency within the City of Waite Park.

Please fully complete the Yard Waste Site Permit Application form prior to arrival at City Hall or have the following information with you to complete the application upon arrival:
  • Applicant Last Name/First Name
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
  • Vehicle #1 - Year / Make / Model / Color / License Plate Number
  • Vehicle #2 - Year / Make / Model / Color / License Plate Number

Be prepared to show a valid picture ID.

Renew Your Permit

Each key card owner will need to renew their permit each calendar year. The annual renewal fee will be $10.00.

Lost or Stolen Key Cards

If a key card is damaged, lost or stolen, it will be inactivated, and a replacement card will need to be purchased for $20.00.

End of Year Closing

Once the Yard Waste Site is closed for the year, all key cards will be deactivated and will no longer open the gate. If you do not renew your permit, your key card will not work the following calendar year. We will accept permit renewals any time after the Yard Waste Site closes, but the key cards will not be reactivated and functional until the next effective opening date of the Yard Waste Site.

Acceptable Materials

Acceptable yard waste includes:
  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Tree branches
  • Brush from hedges
  • Garden waste

Please place your yard waste and brush in the appropriate marked areas in the Yard Waste site. If you are using garbage bags, please empty them and place the bags in the small dumpster that is provided.

Why Have One Site for Yard Waste?

Collection of organic yard waste at one location helps citizens properly dispose of yard waste and helps in the efficient composting of these wastes.  Yard wastes dumped in landfills or left in ditches, stream banks or lake shore do not have a chance to properly compost and may contribute to excess nutrients or other pollutants in the receiving waters.  Composted material helps to enrich soil for agricultural, horticultural or forest uses.