Full Range of Experience

Interns at the Waite Park Police Department are given the opportunity to experience all aspects of the police department. This includes crime prevention, records and police ride-alongs. All internships are unpaid and volunteer positions. 

Experience the Public Education

While working in crime prevention an intern is able to experience how a police department works with the business and residents to educate them on protecting themselves. We educate the public through presentations, meetings, brochures, media, neighborhood watches, letters and personal visits.

Experience with the Officers

While working with the officers an intern is able to experience report writing, ride-alongs, ticket writing, investigations, road procedures, and the police and public interaction. The Waite Park Police Department attempts to allow interns to ride with a number of different officers on varying shifts to experience police work from many different angles.


Fall Semester - Due June 15th 
Spring Semester - Due October 31st 
Summer Semester - Due March 15th 

Please check with Alicia Mages to see if they are accepting interns before you apply. Due to multiple circumstances we are not always able to accommodate interns.  


Complete the City of Waite Park Employment Application.
  • 4th and 5th previous employers are not required
  • Veteran's Preference Claim Form is not required because it does not apply to the internship application process.
Submit a cover letter.
  • Explain why you would like to intern with the Waite Park Police Department.
  • Describe your career goals and why you believe an internship with our department can help you achieve these goals. 
Complete the Background Check Release of Information Form.