Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is available to help keep apartment residents safe. An apartment community that belongs to the program conducts criminal history background checks on prospective residents and requires them to sign a Crime Free/Drug Free lease addendum.
Crime Free Multi Housing

What is the Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) Program?

The Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) Program helps assists in keeping rental property free from crime and drugs allowing the residents a safe place to live. The program is a three step program that apartment managers must comply with. The certification is renewed every year.

Phase 1

An eight hour training for apartment managers, owners and maintenance staff educating them on drugs, gangs, applicant screening, the Crime Free program, leases and evictions.

Phase 2

The security phase requires apartments to install the following security features, which are checked every year by the Crime Free Coordinator.
  • 180 degree viewfinders (peepholes)
  • anti-lift and anti-slide devices on windows and patio doors, adequate security lighting
  • Deadbolt locks on outside doors
  • high security strike plates on wood frame doors
  • landscaping that provides visual sight lines
  • visible addresses posted on each building and apartment

Phase 3

This phase requires the manager to hold a meeting for the residents to educate them on the Crime Free Program. This is also a time for residents to ask questions about the program to the Crime Free Coordinator.

Crime Free / Drug Free Lease Addendum

The CFMH Program requires managers to use the Crime Free/Drug Free lease addendum. This addendum states that you, the renter, will not engage in drug related illegal activity on or near the property. You also will not engage in any acts of violence or threats of violence, or crime in general. If the renter does engage in any drug or criminal activity their lease may be terminated.

Under the Crime Free/Drug Free lease addendum, it is understood and agreed that a single violation shall be good cause for termination of the lease. Unless otherwise provided by law, proof of the violation shall not require a criminal conviction.

Background Checks

The CFMH Program strongly encourages apartment managers to conduct background checks on all applicants. Each apartment community has a set of screening criteria guidelines they follow to determine whether an applicant is approved or not. This is determined by your income, criminal history and credit history.
Use the Quick Links on the right side of the page to run your own criminal history check on public Minnesota criminal history websites. Background check application forms are listed below.
If you are running a background check on a potential employee you cannot run this criminal history check on your own. You must use a local police department or the BCA. 

If you prefer to use a private company to run your background checks, below is a list of companies that will run background checks for single unit landlords.